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Turner [Appleton baby portraits]

Turner came in for his 6 month portraits a couple of weeks ago.  While he wasn’t sitting 100% on his own yet, we worked hard to create safe environments for him to sit in and worked magic to make mom’s supportive arm disappear when necessary 🙂  Next time he comes in I’ll have to catch an image of his big brother too, both boys are totally adorable!


Johnc442 Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers caedcgddgbed

Mat Tam I love the facial expression of the baby. Really cute photos. The light was nicely done.

[Wisconsin Family Portrait Photography] beach portraits

My son has a great friend from school, the boys enjoy spending time together, which means sitting near each other while playing minecraft against one another…(that’s another post, the life of 11 year old boys!)  A while back Nick’s mom contacted me about doing some family portraits for them, she wanted portraits that were very casual, much like their family.  Between her children’s sports, my children’s sports and our busy husbands finding the right time proved to be more difficult that we thought, until we realized that we were heading to the exact same spot for our spring break vacations.  It was completely by chance we found out we would all be heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama for spring break, an area none of us had ever been before.  It was then we knew we’d be able to capture the casual portraits she had been longing for and with little on our schedules time was on our side for once.  Nancy inquired what they should wear, as many of my family portrait clients do.  I pointed her in the direction of my Pinterest boards and took a few minutes to scour websites of stores we have near by to pull a few outfit ideas together for her.  I often tell my moms to find one fun outfit for either herself or a daughter with a print to it, then pull the colors from that for the other members of the family.  Nancy listened well and came up with great outfits for their portraits.  We met on a Tuesday evening just as the sun was getting low in the horizon, perfect time for portraits.  I had researched the area earlier in the day by walking to the far end of the beach and found the perfect location that offered some dunes, large driftwood and a lot of peace.  Our session couldn’t have gone better, the kids played and interacted, mom and dad snuggled up to watch and the entire family came together for some stories and laughs.  These are the types of sessions I love, completely casual.  Mom and dad let me do my thing while they did theirs allowing the capture of many natural facial expressions.  I know what you’re thinking, great beach pictures from a 1000 miles away… true, this beach is over a 1000 miles away, but lucky for us Lake Michigan and it’s beautiful beaches are only an hour or so away.  I’ve often traveled to the beaches of Lake Michigan to capture portraits, if this is they type of session you envision for you family let me know and we can discuss the options and best beach locations.  In the mean time here are some of my favorites from our session in Gulf Shores.

Mommy & Me Minis [WI portrait photography]

Super excited about these, minis designed just for mom and kids and right in time for Mother’s Day.  In the past I’ve tried lumping my mini sessions together, all on the same day or over a two day period, but with a limited amount of weekend time and knowing many of my clients have school age children I thought I would offer them over a 2 week period, you choose the date and time that works best for you and your schedule.  Now I’m not saying 10PM on a Friday will be open, but if 4:30 on a Thursday is what works for you then I will do what I can to make it work for me too.  This is a great deal, 5 digital images allowing you to print the size and quantity that works best for you plus the session fee for $175, can’t beat that deal.  Call or email the studio today to schedule your session.


digital portrait session [Wisconsin portrait photography]

Many of my inquiries have some form of the question “do you offer a digital session”.  For a while the answer was no, then it was “I offer digital collections” and now I am happy to say, yes I do offer a digital session.  In the last few years it has come up over and over, it’s not necessarily that you want to print each and every image, it’s that you want the security of knowing you can.   As a mom I get that, as a business person it’s a decision I’ve wrestled with.  I’ve offered some sort of digital collection options the past couple of years and it seems nearly every quarter they’ve gained in popularity, some more popular than others.  The past month or so I’ve been working really hard at putting together a comprehensive session and product guide that shows exactly what is offered and what the investment is for each option. I can say I’m finally finished with it!!  The hard work has paid off, because if I do say so myself it is beautiful and very easy to read 🙂  While working on it I knew I wanted an affordable digital session option, one that would offer it all, giving you the security you’ve been asking for, without breaking the bank.  After much thought, number crunching and even some prayers I finally have all of the new collections figured out, most of them have some sort of digital option as well.  The newest session option, the digital session is perfect, offering all the edited images from your session, either on disk or thumb drive (still looking into this option) ready for you to print and archive.  The images will be available for printing up to 5×7 in size, print as many as you like, whenever you like.  You’ll also receive a 20% discount off any wall portrait or boutique order.  I’m so excited about this option and I think it’s going to be a great option for many of my clients.  Love the digital session, give me a call and we’ll schedule one for you.  Want to see the new pricing and product guide, drop me an email, I’ll gladly send you the link to the pdf.

Stacy Francis Photography digital session option, WI portrait photography

Amy Lipe Hey!! I am a fellow photographer from southern IL. I was researching portrait collections/pricing and came across your digital package! What a GREAT idea! I currently only sell high res digitals but will be making the leap to print sales next year. Id love to still offer a digital option to my clients. My question is, what resolution do you size your images at to ensure they can only print them at 5×7 or smaller?

Thanks so much for your time!
Amy Lipe

it’s not about the cheese [Wisconsin portrait photography]

Oh boy, there’s a good chance my sweet husband will not appreciate that title, after all he does support this family through the dairy industry, but today I’m not talking about the yummy melt in your mouth kind of cheese (anyone else craving fondue right now?), but instead the common, heard at many a portrait session “say cheese” we all tend to fling at our children when trying so hard to get them to show us their beautiful smiles.  Gesh, can you say run on sentence?  I bet all 6 people willing to read this are currently nodding their heads, about the “say cheese, not my run-on sentence, or maybe both.  Admit it, you’ve said it, maybe you didn’t even mean to say it, it just came out of your mouth in that moment of frustration when you know your child has a beautiful smile that lights up the room but in the past hour you haven’t seen it even come close to sliding across their face.  Let’s face it, we take our children for portraits because we want something tangible to hold and remember their sweet faces long after they’ve grown taller than us, so it’s reasonable to think we want a portrait of the smile we love so much.  Children as we all know have their own agendas.  Some children take much longer to warm up to a complete strange than others, some are at that age where they feel awkward showing their teeth, or lack of them.  It happens and as much as we want that moment of the smile we love so much it just might not happen.  Telling them to “say cheese”, isn’t going to elicit the smile we love, but rather another awkward face, that really doesn’t look like the child you love as much as a strange face you’ve never seen before.  Instead of worrying about the smiles, think about the faces your child makes on a daily basis, the thinking face, the worried face, the “I have a secret” face.  We associate smiles so much with portraits, but in the real world our children spend time making many more faces than just smiles.  Those are the faces you want to capture, the ones where you can look back and remember that was the look little Sam would make when waiting for daddy to walk through the door, or the perhaps the long gaze of Emma as she thought hard about her next spelling word.  Please remember it’s not about the cheese.


Kay Williamson Love all these extremely precious portraits! Thanks so much for the “no cheese” reminder!

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